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PondMax EV-2900 Submersible Dirty Water Pump

PondMax EV-2900 Submersible Dirty Water Pump
Product Code: PondMax EV-2900
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PondMax EV-2900 Dirty Water Pump - Suitable for Aquaponics, Ponds, Waterfalls etc.

- The EV range of water pumps are ideal for situations where water may contain soft solids, fish food, fish waste, etc to 4mm.

- Suitable for use in Aquaponic and Hydroponic set-ups, ponds, filtration systems, water features and waterfalls.

- The ideal pump for Twin IBC Aquaponic systems (ie: 2x IBC type grow beds sitting over an IBC fish tank and IBC Sump tank)

- Will easily run 3x IBC type Aquaponic grow beds, each with a bell siphon utilising a 20mm standpipe.


Variable Frequency Motor Technology - Extra high speed rotations of impellor.

Open Vane Impellor Design - Handles large soft particle size to 4mm, fish food, fish waste etc.

Long Life Impellor Design - Ceramic shaft is wear resistant and self lubricating.

High head Pressure - Due to extra high speed rotations of impellor.

Energy Efficient - Exceptionally low power consumption to water flow... Just 30w for 3,000Lph and max head of 3.4m.

Eco Friendly - Exceptionally low dB noise rating with low mechanical vibration.

Marine Compatible  - Ceramic shaft and no exposed copper.

Rotor Stop Protection - Sensors automatically cut power if impellor stops rotating, reducing chance of motor burnout.

Soft Start - Rotor starts at slow speed and increases over a short period of time.


  Model:  EV-2900

  Max Flow:  3000 Lph

  Max Head:  3.4m

  Watts:  30w

  Cable:  10m

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