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Laminated A4 "Aquaponics - Getting Started" Instruction Sheet

Laminated A4 "Aquaponics - Getting Started" Instruction Sheet
Product Code: Aquaponics - Getting Started - laminated sheet
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Laminated, double sided A4 Instruction Sheet - "Aquaponics - Getting Started"


This sheet is basically an "Aquaponics 101"... Everything you need to know when starting up and "cycling" a new  aquaponic system.

- Beneficial Nitrifying bacteria explained - Establishing the bacteria colony and how the colony size determines the systems maximum fish stocking rate.

- Choosing the right grow bed media/gravel - Determine which gravel best suits your system and budget, and how to avoid purchasing the wrong gravel.

- Commissioning your new aquaponic system - Problem solving common new system issues, for a variety of system types, siphoned, constant flood etc.

- Adding plants to your new system - How to with minimal stress, what to feed then initially etc.

- Cycling the system - The important bit everyone should know! - How to properly cycle the system, test the progress, and know when cycling is complete and the system is safe for fish.

- System water pH - What it should be, what causes it to fluctuate, how to control it.


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