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Bell Auto Siphon & Plumbing Kit - Suit Single Barrel Systems

Bell Auto Siphon & Plumbing Kit - Suit Single Barrel Systems
Bell Auto Siphon & Plumbing Kit - Suit Single Barrel Systems Bell Auto Siphon & Plumbing Kit - Suit Single Barrel Systems Bell Auto Siphon & Plumbing Kit - Suit Single Barrel Systems Bell Auto Siphon & Plumbing Kit - Suit Single Barrel Systems
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Complete Auto Siphon & Plumbing Kit - Suit gravel grow beds to 200L media capacity, up to 200mm depth.

Ideal for Single Barrel Aquaponic systems.

Suits a maximum gravel/media depth of 195mm.


Kit comprises:

- PVC Outer Screen (gravel guard) with multiple 4mm horizontal slots.

- PVC Inner Capped "Bell" - Our design of this Inner Bell stops gravel and debri from entering the siphon.

- PVC Centre Standpipe set to allow approximately a 40mm dry layer at the top of the gravel filled grow bed when fully flooded.

- PVC Threaded Faucet Socket. Fixes standpipe securely to grow bed and allows attachment of return pipe to fish tank, sump, reservoir etc.

- Heavy Duty Rubber Washer. Fits between faucet socket and grow bed. Ensures water tight seal where standpipe exits grow bed floor.

- Poly plumbing fittings and flexible, soft, food grade black tubing to suit single barrel systems.

- Includes plumbing from pump to grow bed, pressure by-pass fitting and valve, grow bed water inlet standpipe.

Please Note: While this siphon kit has been made to suit a gravel/media depth of 195mm and provide a maximum water depth in the media of 150-160mm, it can be altered to suit shallower grow bed/media depths.

This can be done by the purchaser at the time of installation as the cap is not glued onto the bell at the time of manufacture, ie: If your grow bed/media depth is 50mm lower than the max this kit is designed for, then you would simply cut 50mm from the length of all three components, the outer gravel guard, the bell, and the standpipe. Once the correct size has been achieved the cap can then be glued onto the top of the bell to form a proper seal.


What is an Auto Siphon?...

An auto siphon is a very simple, yet ingenious piece of equipment that enables aquaponic and hydroponic growers to flood and drain grow beds automatically and continuously, without using timers, extra pumps or solenoids etc.

They are very simple and contain no moving parts, so eliminate the prospect of mechanical failure. Once the pump flow rate has been set an auto siphon will work continuously with very little maintenance, in fact the only maintenance required is a rotation of the outer screen once or twice per week to deter any roots from growing into the siphon set-up.

How does an Auto Siphon work?...

Using a submersible pump, water is continuously pumped from the fish tank, sump tank, or reservoir, up to the grow bed, as the water level in the grow bed reaches the top of the standpipe in the centre of the siphon set-up, it begins flowing down the standpipe back to the fish tank, sump tank, or reservoir. As it does this it starts a siphon effect that drains the vast majority of the water from the grow bed very quickly, in the same way you would siphon fuel from a car etc. 

As the water level drops it exposes a slot near the bottom of the “Inner Bell” and the siphon begins to suck air, this breaks the siphon effect, stops the flow of water and allows the grow bed to start refilling, therefore starting the flood and cycle all over again.


Can also be purchased from our Belmont store.

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