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Light Kit - 130w CFL Clone & Grown-on - 6400k

Light Kit - 130w CFL Clone & Grown-on - 6400k
Light Kit - 130w CFL Clone & Grown-on - 6400k
Product Code: Light Kit - 130w CFL, W50 Reflector, Adaptor
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Complete 130w Compact Fluorescent Light Kit -  130w CFL Globe, Quality Batwing Reflector & Power Adaptor

Kit Comprises:

- Gardis Pro W50 Broadwing Reflector

- Popular Batwing profile.uality

- Angles designed to maximise photometrics = Maximum Light to your plants.

- Suit globes up to 600w.

- Sturdy, powdercoated construction.

- Reflector measurements: 415mm Wide x 450mm Long.

- Overall measurements: 415mm W x 490mm L x 170mm H.

- Quality 130 watt Gardis-Pro Compact Fluorescent Lamp

- Ideal for cloning your favourite plants and growing them on to flowering stage.

- Save power during grow stage

- Low heat generation.

- Self Ballasted, no ballast required, plug straight into power point using adaptor supplied.

- Power Adaptor

- Converts round earth pin on horticultural reflectors in flat earth pin, for plugging directly into power point when no ballast is required.




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