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Grow Tent - 120cm x 120 x 200H - Jungle Room

Grow Tent - 120cm x 120 x 200H - Jungle Room
Grow Tent - 120cm x 120 x 200H - Jungle Room
Product Code: Grow Tent - Jungle Room - 120 x 120 x 200cm
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Price: AU$260.00
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Jungle Room Grow Tent - 120cm x 120cm x 200cmH

- Suits grow lights 600w to 1000w (1000w recommended)

PLEASE NOTE!... This item exceeds Australia Post's parcel size limits - Please read the following instructions carefully.

- Postage costs will NOT be applied to the order at checkout, including for any additional items in the order that do fall within the the Aust Post limits.

- For such orders it is the purchaser’s responsibility to arrange and pay for a freight company, or courier, to pick up the item/s from our Belmont store. Perth Aquaponics does NOT arrange freight.

- It is recommended the purchaser find a freight company that will “Freight Forward” to their location. This requires the purchaser to pay the freight company upon delivery. This is the easiest method for all involved.

- If using regular freight (not Freight Forward), you will be required to give the freight company the total dimensions and weight of the order when booking a pick-up. You will also be required to make payment for the freight up front, unless you have an account with the company.

- Please call Perth Aquaponics on (08) 9478 1211 PRIOR to booking pick-up with a freight company. This is so we can advise of the packed dimensions and weight of the order, as well as a suitable date and time for pick-up.

- Not contacting Perth Aquaponics prior to arranging pick up by a freight company, or courier, may result in a failed pick up attempt, which freight companies may charge the purchaser for. Perth Aquaponics will NOT be responsible for failed pick up attempts outside of the date and times we recommend.



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