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Introduction to Aquaponics - 1 Day Workshop - Kununurra - Oct 19th, 2019

Introduction to Aquaponics - 1 Day Workshop - Kununurra - Oct 19th, 2019
Introduction to Aquaponics - 1 Day Workshop - Kununurra - Oct 19th, 2019 Introduction to Aquaponics - 1 Day Workshop - Kununurra - Oct 19th, 2019 Introduction to Aquaponics - 1 Day Workshop - Kununurra - Oct 19th, 2019 Introduction to Aquaponics - 1 Day Workshop - Kununurra - Oct 19th, 2019 Introduction to Aquaponics - 1 Day Workshop - Kununurra - Oct 19th, 2019 Introduction to Aquaponics - 1 Day Workshop - Kununurra - Oct 19th, 2019 Introduction to Aquaponics - 1 Day Workshop - Kununurra - Oct 19th, 2019 Introduction to Aquaponics - 1 Day Workshop - Kununurra - Oct 19th, 2019 Introduction to Aquaponics - 1 Day Workshop - Kununurra - Oct 19th, 2019
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"Introduction to Aquaponics"

Kununurra - One Day Workshop - Oct 19th, 2019


Presented by Hayden Arrowsmith of Perth Aquaponics

Trade certified Horticulturalist, Cert IV TAE, and owner of Perth Aquaponics.

Learn from an expert in the field, with many years of real Aquaponic experience.


Perth Aquaponics is proud to announce our first ever one day “Introduction-to-Aquaponics” workshop to be held in Kununurra, on Saturday, Oct 19th, 2019.

Over the course of the day we comprehensively cover the fundamentals of Aquaponics... Everything you need to know... ie: How and why it works, different system types and designs, important ratios, rules-of-thumb, what to do, why you do it, when to do it... and equally as important… What not to do!... All in simple, easy to understand terms. 

At the end of the day you will have the knowledge required to design, build and successfully maintain your very own aquaponic system, producing wonderful organic vegetables and fresh fish, right in your own backyard.

By the end of the workshop you will have learnt about:

  • The science behind Aquaponics… How and why it works. The important role of beneficial bacteria. How fish waste is converted to plant food, etc.
  • The important Rules-of-Thumb... The all important Gravel, Water, Fish, Grow bed ratios etc, and how they determine how well your system will perform.
  • System design… The pro’s and con’s of a variety of different aquaponic operating methods and system designs, auto siphons v's timed flood & drain etc, and the many and varied ways a system can be laid out and constructed.
  • Cycling a new system... The most important, most misunderstood aspect of starting a new Aquaponic system... Establishing the beneficial bacteria colony and determining when the system is safe for fish.
  • Fish selection… The different species suitable for your area and how to determine your system's safe stocking capacity for each.
  • Fish health… Preventing, diagnosing and curing common ailments of fish.
  • Testing and controlling water parameters... Such as pH, Ammonia and Nitrite levels, water top-ups, what pH products to use, why, when, and how much etc.
  • Plant selection… What grows well, when, and how to.
  • Plant health… Preventing, diagnosing and curing common plant deficiencies and diseases using fish safe products.
  • Plant Nutrient supplementation... What products are safe to add to the system, why, when, and how much.
  • Plant pests... Identifying and controlling common plant pests using fish safe products and methods.
  • Worms... and the important role they play in your aquaponic system
  • All the information you need to design, build, maintain & achieve success with your own system.


What's provided?...

- Writing materials... You don't need to bring a thing.

- Tea & Coffee at check in. Water is available throughout the day.

- Tea, coffee & biscuits etc during the morning tea break.

- A light catered lunch and refreshments.

Ongoing access to a private Aquaponics Facebook group.



Your purchase receipt will be automatically provided at the completion of check out. This receipt will constitute your ticket, which must be presented at check-in on the morning of the workshop. Please ensure you not only print a copy, but that you also download and save a copy of the receipt.


The venue address and any other relevant information, will be forwarded to attendees approx 4-5 days prior to the event, so please ensure you include your correct email address during the checkout process. The details will also be posted on our Facebook page on the evening prior to the event.


Saturday, Oct 19th, 2019. 8.20am check-in with an 8.30am start. Conclusion around 3.30pm

If you require more information, please give us a call on (08) 9478 1211 between 10am-5pm Mon-Friday, and 10am-1pm Saturday.

Purchasing tickets for multiple people:

If purchasing multiple tickets, please include the full names of all those attending in the "Comments" section at checkout, to assist with our records.


When purchasing tickets you will be directed to a Paypal page during the final stage of checkout. You DO NOT NEED a Paypal account, you can pay using a debit or credit card. We use Paypal for our payment system as it is the easiest and safest method for both the purchaser and ourselves.


"Haydens one day workshop is a must for anyone getting into aquaponics. Don't waste your time and money go and learn for the best. Thanks Hayden for saving me time money and headaches!"

- Nick Martin, Perth - Nov 2017

"I Just got home from what can only be described as a whirldwind of information packed into a day! Hayden is a fantastic teacher and really goes out of his way to explain the things he is talking about. I came into this course with an already established system and left now knowing what I'm doing right and wrong, something I found hard to find online! You're a credit to the aquaponics industry mate! "

- Tyson Foster, Perth - Nov 2017

“I have taught Aquaponics with Perth Aquaponics and found the content of Perth Aquaponics training days to be excellent. Very happy days actually. Good people all wanting to grow better food, chemical free food for their families”...

- Murray Hallam – Practical Aquaponics - April 2016

"I attended the workshop and thoroughly appreciate Hayden's professional and knowledgeable presentation”...

- Omero Combi, Perth - Dec 2016

“I've been to two courses with Murray and Hayden and both of them have been great. The first one was in Perth and the second in Capel at the Capel Country Club. Both courses were excellent and provided exceptional value for money. We learned all of the basic requirements to build, run and maintain an aquaponics system, and a few of the more complex aspects such as water chemistry”...

- Andrew Fleming W.A. - Sept 2016


Your Presenter:

Hayden Arrowsmith

- Trade Qualified Horticulturalist

- Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

- Proprietor of Perth Aquaponics, Belmont, Western Australia

Hayden is a trade qualified Horticulturalist with 32+ years trade experience in a wide variety of horticultural fields, including 29 years in hydroponics and over a decade of combined Aquaponic experience.

He undertook his horticultural apprenticeship and initially worked in numerous towns throughout the Pilbara region of Western Australia. He has since worked across the much of the state, from the Kimberlies in the North, to the Southwest, the Wheatbelt, throughout the Great Southern, and of course Perth, in a very diverse range of horticultural fields.

He has taught horticulture at a TAFE level, lecturing in Irrigation & Water Transfer, as well as Plant Propagation & Greenhouse Procedures while the Head Groundsperson at Karratha College.

Hayden (Yabbies) started his first aquaponic system back in the early 90's. This first system was very basic and based purely on trial and error, as there simply wasn't any information on aquaponics readily available at the time, he just knew from his horticultural studies that nutrient rich water from fish ponds etc could be used to successfully grow plants, as it had been practised in some cultures for hundreds, even thousands of years.

He currently owns and operates Perth Aquaponics, a retail aquaponic store located in Belmont, Western Australia, that was originally opened in 1990 as Perth Hydroponic Centre. In 2009, with the surge in interest in aquaponics, Hayden began building, trialling and selling aquaponic systems and equipment. The business name was officially changed to Perth Aquaponics in 2010 and the shop has specialised in aquaponics since.

On numerous occassions Hayden has assisted Murray Hallam with his 4 day Future Farms commercial aquaponics training courses in Brisbane, as well as his online Aquaponics Design Course, an 8 week online course specifically designed for those wishing to go into aquaponics on a commercial scale.

Hayden has run many one day Introduction to Aquaponics workshops, in Perth, across country W.A, as well as Darwin in the N.T. He also presents aquaponic school incursions and operates an Aquaponic Consultancy Service, with scope ranging from visiting and assisting home based enthusiasts with any issues they may have, through to semi-commercial and commercial scale system design and consultancy.


Please Note: As with any workshop, seminar, live event etc, this workshop may be subject to cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. In the unlikely event that the workshop is cancelled, the purchaser will be notified a.s.a.p. and the full ticket purchase price will be refunded to the purchaser via Paypal. 

As you can appreciate, organising an event from a long distance requires a good deal of commitment and preparation on our behalf. As such, we require a certain minimum number of confirmed attendees. Please check your work, social and sporting commitments prior to booking, as attendee cancellations seven days or less prior to the workshop cannot be refunded, nor can no-shows, as we will have financial commitments locked in well in advance of the event.


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