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Seasol PowerFeed Seaweed & Fish Extract - 500ml

Seasol PowerFeed Seaweed & Fish Extract - 500ml
Product Code: Seasol PowerFeed - 500ml
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Seasol Powerfeed Organic Seaweed & Fish Extract - 500ml

PowerFeed is the ideal product for Fishless cycling of new Aquaponic systems.

- Provides the Ammonia required for the stablishment of the beneficial bacteria colonies in new Aquaponic systems.

- Contains a broad spectrum of nutrients, ideal for establishing seedlings in new Aquaponics systems with no fish. 

- Dynamic Fertiliser & Soil Conditioner. Can be used anywhere in the garden, ie: Garden beds, veg patch, patio plants etc.

- Promotes vigorous growth. 

- Improve soil health, including sand and clay. 


Please Note: PowerFeed contains high levels of Ammonia, so is not suitable for use in Aquaponic systems that already contain live fish.

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